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Accurett Treatments From R100

The Accurett treatment is a pen with a canister inside with compressed CO2. It has a very small precise tip. We use it to carefully and accurately freeze skin lesions. CO2 is less invasive than traditional Liquid Nitrogen. Thus it also has less risk of scarring and/or pigmentary changes after the treatment. This freezing with the compressed CO2 creates a superficial blistering effect on the skin to resurface the area. The blister lasts up to 5 days and then forms a scab. The scab then takes another 5 – 10 days to heal. Once the skin is healed, the brand new pink skin underneath is revealed. This new skin will then take 1 – 4 weeks to re-pigment to normal skin colour. Typically, one treatment is enough, but sometimes a second or third treatment may be required – depending on the size, colour and texture of the lesion.

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