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Carboxytherapy From R300

Skin needs oxygen for optimum health and as we age it gets less oxygen, which inhibits regeneration, and slowly starts losing its elasticity and collagen. Subcutaneous capillaries become dormant, decreasing cells of oxygen. This combined with environmental stresses and other variables inhibits the ability of cells to regenerate and function properly. By the age 30, oxygen levels in your skin drop by 25% and by age 40 they drop by 50%.


The body naturally gets its oxygen through basic breathing, but factors like pollution reduce the levels. The body will first utilise oxygen in the major organs and lastly go to the skin. When the skin doesn’t get enough oxygen it becomes more prone to ageing, acne, redness, irritation and age spots.

Carboxytherapy, the miracle gas, has been recommended the biggest beauty breakthrough since Botox. Carboxytherapy is rapidly becoming known as the leading skin rejuvenation treatment. It is a safe, minimally invasive clinically proven method to rejuvenate, restore, and recondition the skin and treat loose skin, crêpe skin around the eyes and dark circles.


The treatment involves injecting tiny amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) beneath the skin to stimulate collagen production.


Carboxytherapy infuses CO2 just beneath the skin’s surface. When the body recognises the CO2 it automatically triggers a response by increasing oxygen-rich blood flow to that area as well as growth factors that will encourage production of new blood vessels. Increased oxygen improves circulation, which in turn stimulates collagen production and cell restoration.


Increased blood flow stimulates collagen, which will soften and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and decreases dark circles under the eye. Long-term collagen is stimulated with more regular sheets of collagen laid down. A few months later dermal remodeling occurs with collagen contraction leading to a tightening effect. This is a true winner that uses the body’s own natural function to regenerate the skin.

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