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Lamelle Cathepzyme 2 is an intensive home exfoliation system that contains a self-neutralising patented ingredient that enhances natural exfoliation in the outer layers of the skin as it produces targeted cell exfoliation, helping to improve radiance without irritation. Suitable for mature, sun-damaged skin with hyperpigmentation. Not for sensitive or rosacea-prone skins.

Key ingredients include Cathepzyme D, a patented ingredient that replaces and mimics the skin’s own natural enzymatic exfoliator, Cathepsin D which diminishes with age. Cathepzyme activity is limited to the Stratum Corneum so there is no unnecessary interference with the lower layers of the skin and virtually no skin barrier disruption. Phytic Acid reduces melanin synthesis, brightening the skin and exfoliating it, restoring the skin’s natural glow.

Correctives Cathepzyme 2


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